About Mellow Drops

Formed in Ireland in 1989 as a 5 piece rock band, Mellow Drops have been doing their best to enjoy themselves ever since.

In the mid-90s Mellow Drops gradually switched to a more melodic and harmonic style with Bodhrán and percussion replacing the drums, and the addition of classical violin. The knowledge gained in this phase was re-applied to a rock outfit when the drum kit returned some years later. After recording an EP in late 1998, life events forced a lull in activity. The unmixed recording stirred the band into action again in 2003, and some very enjoyable sessions produced new material.

In 2007 the band released their first album - "where do we go from here?" (you can buy the album here). 2008 is a year of transition and experiments. Two members are writing new material and working with local musicians in New Zealand. The Irish contingent are working on new material together.


Chronologically speaking...

2008: Inter-continental experiments continue - more tunes coming soon!
2007: Debut Album Released
2005: Work starts on 1998 recording and more fun creating new material
2003: Digital recording makes many things practical (like working on new material from different contintents)

1999-2002: A quieter time - contact and rehearsals when possible

1999: A few gigs, followed by members leaving Ireland.
1998: Alan Reilly & Orla Magee depart. Anthony Darby joins on a more permanent basis. EP recorded in Temple Bar Music Centre, Dublin
1997: Listen released on 4th July. Electra recordings continue.
1996: Debut gig as Mellow Drops in the Baggot Inn Dublin, Orla Magee (Violin) joins. The good times and gigs in Slatterys of Capel St., Dublin. Electra Studios discovered - best times. Moon Bubbles Demo recorded. Debut EP Listen recorded in October. Projectors, strobes, smoke and samples added to gigs
1995: Name changed to Mellow Drops. Alan Reilly (Bodhrán) and Mark Neary (Percussion) join

1994: Drummer Terry Cullen Departs. Demo: 'Here we Stand' recorded with Anthony Darby
1992: Demo: 'We're all God's Children'
1990-92: Crucified some songs, many battles of bands. Started learning to write their own tunes.
1989: Jones and Cullen join up with Derek Toner. Some other members and some odd band names, settled with Cian O Cinnseala, Brendan Tuite and 'The Residential Sundays'
1988: James Jones & Terry Cullen start a "band"